About Us

Our Mission, Purpose, and Goal

Our Mission is to preserve accomplishments made by the brave African American Troops of the original US Army regiments, The mounted Cavalry of the 9th and 10th Cavalry and 24th and 25th Infantries, that helped settle the West. Their contributions have been, in many cases, omitted from the history books or minimized. This has resulted in a lost legacy that we aim to preserve.

As we interact with communities and youth, Our Purpose is to inform and expand their horizons to show that life is far more than what is in front of us and create meaningful avenues and connections that change lives.

Our Goal is to be a positive change agent in the community. We welcome inclusion, fair equity, and advocate for diversity. We also support many causes and communities in the Northwest including the USO, GEM Program, and Renton School District to name a few.

How We Connect

We ignite the human spirit through horsemanship, historical preservation, and outdoor activities, while focusing on educating the community.

At our appearances we give free horseback rides to anyone. The kids love this! (So do the Adults). Its part of How We Connect. Often, it is an urban youth's first time interacting with a horse! it is a experience they never forget and is a catalyst for adventure and imagination. As Buffalo Soldiers, we embody the legacy that is the 9th/10th Cavalry and present a missing piece of the history puzzle for our audience.

Why Do We Do It

The reason Why We Do It is simple. We love history, we love our horses, we love the youth and our audiences. In our appearances in Washington, and throughout the nation, we proudly represent the forgotten heroes of the American West and strive to represent them to the best of our abilities

Our Programs

Becoming a Member

The Buffalo Soldiers of Seattle is open and looking for new members. We meet twice a month. If you are interested please contact us, seattle10thcav@gmail.com for more details.

Trail Rides and Group Outings

The Buffalo Soldiers have many Outings including trail rides through scenic areas including Mt. Rainier.

Community Connections

We work in the community in many capacity from school assemblies to teaming with law enforcement for First Night Out (community relations). Please Contact us to discuss how we may benefit each other. 

Calendar & Events

No upcoming events.

Legends Ranch logo

Legends Ranch, Horse Training and Boarding Facility

Home of The Buffalo Soldiers of Seattle

Legends Ranch has hosted the Buffalo Soldiers of Seattle (BSoS) since 2010. The rolling hills and ample arena space provide plenty opportunity to teach horsemanship to youth, give first horse rides to small children and adults alike, and for the members of BSoS practice drills used in parades and appearances around the nation. 

Nestled in the wooded plains of Pierce County, just outside Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Legends Horse Training has been quietly setting the standard in top quality horse training since 2009. Skilled in Natural Horsemanship, with a round pen and lighted arena on sight, effective riding can be done in any conditions. 

Legends Ranch prides themselves in utilizing the most effective and humane training methods to have your horse in a showable mind and spirit. A properly trained horse in a happy horse, a happy horse is a proud horse owner.

To learn more about Legends Horse Training and Boarding Facility visit them at http://www.legendshorsetraining.com

32421 Tisch Road S., Roy, WA 98580 ph:253-223-8579

Legends Ranch Specializes in:

  • Horse Boarding, Stall w-Run and Pasture
  • Riding Lessons
  • Hosting Events and Parties
  • Guided Horse back hunting
  • Scenic trail rides through various landscapes
  • Intimate group excursions and outings
  • Effective and long lasting Natural Horsemanship
  • Cause identification & problem solving

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Frequently Asked Questions

about the Buffalo Soldiers of Seattle

Who are the Buffalo Soldiers of Seattle?

We are a non profit 501c(3) group committed to energizing the community while preserving the legacy of the first black military regiments.

What is our Motto?

 Ready and Forward! & We Can We Will!

What are we available for?

Youth Mentoring, School Assemblies

Military/Military Related Events

Presentation of Colors, Flag Details

Historical Presentations, Parades

Educational Presentations, 

Horse Trailrides, Special Events, 

and more!

How Do I get involved?

We meet every first and third Sunday at Legends Ranch at 12pm. We discuss History, Horsemanship, and Community Service as well as how we can benefit our community.

How Do I Get my Children Involved?

Contact us for a schedule of when we get together and the activities we do. We are open to all people and strive to promote fair equity, inclusion, and diversity among our youth.

Where are we located?

The Buffalo Soldiers of Seattle are based at Legends Ranch in Roy,WA

To Donate or Contribute

(Donations are Tax deductable)



Contact us 




Geordan Newbill (President)